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The Medicine

Prescription herbal medicines are usually taken in liquid form as medicinal tinctures. Tinctures are liquid extracts of medicinal plants made to exact specifications in order to extract and preserve the active ingredients and vitality of the plant.

Other preparations include- teas, creams, essential oils, glycerites, syrups, capsules, aromatic waters and powders.

I will create bespoke prescriptions according to the patient’s needs.

Typical prescriptions contain as many herbs as needed. You may be prescribed ‘A simple’ which is one herb, but more generally  a prescription will contain between 3 and 11 herbs.

In today's stressful world rates of anxiety and depression are soaring. Herbs have been used for thousands of years to help deal with these issues. And though antidepressants are useful and may be needed, herbs tend to have much less side effects and work with the mind and body to overcome stresses. St John's Wort is perhaps the one most people know about but there are many herbs that can help deal with depression, anxiety and related conditions.

Physical health problems often stem from mental disturbances.- Even historic ones. We are a whole being and everything is interconnected. Herbal Medicine can be very effective with these conditions, and can aid recovery.

Some of our medicines are made from the herbs growing organically in our garden and field. We also keep bees which help with the pollination, and as a bonus, produce beautiful honey from our own herbs!